POWERUP FPV lets you experience flight as if you were sitting in the cockpit of your very own paper airplane. A live video feed let’s you see what your plane sees, controlling your paper plane using our free Smartphone app.

PowerUp FPV Features

Although the PowerUp FPV uses advanced, state-of-the-art technology, its concept is very simple. A module attaches to a paper plane, and off it flies. You control the flight using your smartphone, and a small camera attached to the head of the module allows you to see your flight in real-time.

The PowerUp FPV offers:

  • Video recording capabilities
  • Live streaming video
  • Image capture
  • Super-wide angle camera
  • Audio recording
  • 30fps for up to 300 feet

The module attached to the paper airplane sends a signal to your smart phone, displaying streaming video of your flight in real-time. To bring the experience to life, you slide your smartphone into the head mounted display, so you can see exactly what your plane sees as it flies through the air.Controlling the drone is easy, too. Just tilt your head to the right or left to control the direction of the plane.

Technical Specs

  • 20 mile-per-hour max speed
  • Autopilot mode
  • Cardboard viewer for head mounted displays
  • Live video streaming
  • Wi-Fi streaming with a 300 foot range
  • Video and image capturing
  • Ultra-wide-angle camera
  • Nylon and carbon fiber reinforced frame for added durability
  • Built-in crash detection
  • Takeoff assistance

And because the module attaches to a real paper plane, you can create your own drone design. No matter whether you want faster speed, aerobatics or more control, PowerUp FPV puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to design.



Every airplane starts with folding a sheet of paper. The possibilities are endless, fly slow with the Cardinal design or zip thru the air with the Invader, it’s up to you. Each kit contains 10 premium German paper origami templates.


Slide the FPV module onto the front of the airplane and lock it from the rear. You are almost ready to fly, just download the free App and connect to your paper plane.


Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality (VR) headset, or use manual control directly from your smartphone.(Google Cardboard sold separately)


Throttle up and launch into the air, in throw-to-fly mode the propellers will start instantly once the airplane is in the air. Take a look, you’re literally flying on a paper airplane that you made.


Once you master Gamepad mode (similar to RC style flying) try VR mode where you can experience first person view (FPV). Control with intuitive head movements.


The crash proof design includes a light weight carbon fiber and polypropylene frame which enables multiple crashes without worry. POWERUP FPV includes a full one year warranty.


The wide angle lens lets you capture front view, side view and rear view shots. You can even capture a selfie during takeoff when the camera is pointed to the rear.


POWERUP FPV was awarded the CES 2017 Best of Innovation in Drone and Unmanned Systems.